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  • We are urging a new ordinance to add Place of Last Drink to alcohol-related police calls. The question provides evidence and data on over-consumption trends that can be used to inform and then educate licensees regarding mitigating the impact of alcohol related behavior in our community. Please read the article above.

Overconsumption Downtown

  • This past spring board members voiced our concerns regarding Cowboy Jacks moving into 506 Broadway and our concern over the negative behavior of over consumption already spilling into the neighborhood. Our voices were heard loud and clear by the City Commission. 
  • The police no longer need a “corroborating witness” to charge a bar/license holder with selling to an already intoxicated person (which is illegal). It was the only law on the books that required the police to have an independent, corroborating witness; and it therefore it was only used a couple of times in the last 15 years since (according to Chief Todd).  Hopefully this revised ordinance will help combat some of the behavior we have all experienced; however, it  all is up to if and how the new ordinance is actually enforced. The first offense is a warning and required training of servers. Following infractions include $1000 - $2000 fines and suspension of the license (bar closure) for 1 - 10 days. (Muni code 25-1512(H)
  • Of interest, there was no pushback from any of the license holders. 
  • Downtown Community Partnership Open Container License

  • The DCP test-pilot license to allow individuals to “purchase alcohol from a DCP-approved vendor, be identified wearing a wristband, and move within the boundaries of their events” was approved by the city commission as a  test-pilot through December 2018.