Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association

The purpose of Fargo's Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) is to ensure it is a safe and thriving place to live; and that we have a voice in the current and future vision for downtown. Fargo DNA is made up of a group of voluntary neighbors who seek to preserve the strengths of our neighborhood, build a sense of community, and address any challenges that arise. It is one of eight Fargo neighborhood associations.

Everyone who owns a home, rents or lives in downtown Fargo is welcome and encouraged to become a member! While there is no fee required to become a member, we do accept contributions and donations to help cover our costs.

Once you sign up, you'll receive email notifications about upcoming DNA meetings, downtown updates/activities and opportunities to participate.

Not sure if you live in downtown? Click here to find a map of the downtown boundaries. Fargo DNA serves and represents all residents within the downtown geographic boundaries.

Questions? Contact Us

Members of the Board

Chair:                     Arlette Preston
Vice Chair:             Carol Schlossman
Secretary:              Kay Schwarzwalter
Treasurer:              Mike McNair                                                                                       Member-at-Large: Debra Dawson          

If you are interested in serving on the board, please Contact Us