Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association

The purpose of Fargo's Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) is to ensure it is a safe and thriving place to live; and that we have a voice in the current and future vision for downtown. Fargo DNA is made up of a group of voluntary neighbors who seek to preserve the strengths of our neighborhood, build a sense of community, and address any challenges that arise. It is one of eight Fargo neighborhood associations.

Everyone who owns a home, rents or lives in downtown Fargo is welcome and encouraged to become a member! While there is no fee required to become a member, we do accept contributions and donations to help cover our costs.

Once you sign up, you'll receive email notifications about upcoming DNA meetings, downtown updates/activities and opportunities to participate.

Not sure if you live in downtown? Click here to find a map of the downtown boundaries. Fargo DNA serves and represents all residents within the downtown geographic boundaries.

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2018 Strategies   

Fargo DNA - Message Matrix

initiatives and results

  • 2015: The Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) was first established in 2007; however, it fell to the wayside a few years later. With the continued growth and revitalization of downtown it was apparent that there was a continued need for downtown neighbors, those living in the heart of Fargo, to have a voice in their neighborhood. In late 2015, the DNA was renewed as a 501-C4 non-profit in the state of ND.
    • A DNA kick off meeting was held to understand the needs of the neighborhood.
  • 2016/2017: The DNA…
    • Hosted annual meetings to elect the Board and provide a place to connect and get information.
    • Elected a Board of Directors, created and approved its Bylaws, and set a strategy.
    • Conducted a survey of members to understand their top concerns for living downtown. They were crime and safety; grime; design and planning; codes; pedestrian walkability; over-serving and over-consumption; the need for greenspace; sustainability; homelessness and mental health issues; and the ability to influence decision-makers.
    • Met with, gathered information and worked with other key stakeholders including: the police and downtown beat officers; city planning and city health departments; Julian – the city’s homeless outreach; and various city committees.
    • Connected with and attended the city joint neighborhood association meetings.
    • Financially supported Jess White’s Fargo PD efforts for her “homeless to pay off fines through clean up” initiative.
    • Actively participated in the “Infocus “Downtown Master Plan meetings.
    • Hosted a neighborhood-wide meeting with the Fargo PD for a two-way conversation.
    • Hosted a neighborhood update meeting to ensure neighbors and members were informed.  
  • Results: Relationships with key stakeholders continue to be built so that the needs of the neighborhood are heard and acted upon. Many of the concerns voiced early on by the neighborhood are being mitigated. Businesses through the DCP/BID are keeping the core cleaner. Bar incidences on the north end are down. Over $10,000 worth of fines were paid off by the homeless participants and downtown public areas are cleaner. The Infocus Downtown Master Plan was officially approved by the Fargo City Commission in December 2017, and it contains key focus areas that the DNA supports for growth and improvement, including: affordable family and workforce housing; increased green space for play and water run off absorption; inclusion and services for homeless; safety; and improvements in pedestrian walkability and biking.